You can now send custom properties from Salesforce and Zendesk to Wootric using triggers and workflows. This will require customization by Wootric support.

Why pass custom properties?

  • Properties can appear as segments in your Wootric dashboard
  • You can search survey responses by custom properties.  
  • You can customize email survey subject and intro with custom properties
  • Zendesk properties can optionally be configured to appear in the customer record in Salesforce. This is not automatic, and you will need to work with Wootric Support to do some mapping. 

Example Use Case:
A customer support case is closed in Zendesk. You can pass the case ID and the case assignee into Wootric for a custom CSAT email subject and intro. The customer will see "How satisfied are you with Matthew's solution to your case #873091?" or whatever wording you choose.

In the Feedback tab in Wootric, you can search responses for "873091" or "Matthew"

You can also pass the response data into the customer record in Salesforce for a full view of the customer's journey feedback. 

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