Welcome to the FAQ for Wootric's Salesforce Integration!

To support Salesforce users, the data, feedback and insights available on the Wootric platform can now be integrated in the company's Salesforce CRM platform

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 1. How can I get the Salesforce Integration?

You can download the Salesforce Integration from Wootric's listing the Salesforce AppExchange.

 2. How difficult is it to install?

It is a code free installation. Once you download the managed package from the Salesforce AppExchange, you should be able to install it within 60 minutes. Note: you must have a Salesforce-enabled Wootric account for the Integration to work. Please contact us to get enabled!

 3. How much does the Salesforce Integration cost?

The Salesforce Integration comes as a part of the Wootric Enterprise Plan. Please contact us to schedule a demo and discussion.

More Detail!

 4. Do you show NPS on the account level?

Yes, it does. We built the Integration to respect the role of the contact and the account. So, any score received will also roll up into the account to provide a broader view.

5. Can you pass user properties from Salesforce back to Wootric?

Not yet, though this feature is definitely in the works! At present, the Integration does not pass any properties back to Wootric.

6. Can you pass user properties from Wootric to Salesforce?

Yes. You can choose to pass all of the user properties that you pass into Wootric, into Salesforce. The properties will appear on the individual contact level.

7. Are there any ready-made reports available?

Yes. The integration comes with 7 ready-made reports to help you understand your Wootric data.

8. Can I trigger Wootric surveys out of events in Salesforce?

Yes. You can use a combination of outgoing webhooks and Salesforce workflows to trigger surveys to be sent out. Please contact us to learn more about our Salesforce Workflow Package.

9. How long does it take for the data to come into Salesforce?

The data flows into Salesforce from Wootric in near-real time.

10. Does Saleforce data flow back to Wootric?

Not yet - at the moment, the Integration only brings Wootric data into Salesforce. Please let us know if this feature is important to you! We're use user feedback to inform our roadmap.

11. Not all of my users live in Salesforce. Where do their Wootric scores go? 

The Integration creates an account called 'Wootric Unknown Contacts' where all of the scores provided by users not yet in Salesforce will go. You can then assign these users to the appropriate account, if you wish.

12. Does the Integration also bring Customer Satisfaction or Customer Effort Scores into Salesforce?

Yes! This integration brings Wootric NPS, CSAT, and CES data into Salesforce. 

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