How can I add properties to my email templates?

If you are using Wootric's HTML email templates for your email surveys and want to customize them to pass custom properties so you can use Wootric's dashboard segmentation, here's how.  (Why segment your feedback?)

If you need a Wootric email template, please contact us!

Some things to note:

  1. Your template customization will look different depending on the email service you are using. Adding custom properties in Mailchimp will be different than doing so in Intercom, Marketo, Pardot or PersistIQ, etc...
  2. The Wootric survey template has 11 different score links that would need to have the properties added to them. So, make sure to find and modify all 11!

The 11 score links will all start like this:

You will add your custom properties to end of those links. 

Here are some articles on customizing templates published by the various email services that you might be using, for your reference.