How to create a Wootric email survey in Intercom

To send Wootric surveys from Intercom, you must first create an email template in Intercom using Wootric's survey template.

Learn how to set up your Wootric survey template here.  

Once you have your survey template you can embed its HTML code into an Intercom email template.  Here's how:

  1. Go to your Wootric Settings and customize and download your HTML template with the Intercom format selected. 
  2. Open the downloaded HTML file in a text editor (we like to use Sublime Text.) If that doesn't work, open the file in your browser, then Right-Click and select 'View the Page Source'. This will reveal all of the HTML code that you will need to set up the email template.
  3. Open your Intercom instance. Go to App Settings ->  Email templates -> Create New Template
  4. Delete all of the HTML code in the Intercom template editor - it was just a placeholder.
  5. Copy all of the code from Step 2 and paste it into the the template editor.  In the preview pane on the right side, you should see your survey template on top and some random placeholder script below.
  6. Name the template and Save.

Now you can use this template to send surveys to all of your customers one by one or through a rules-based campaign in Intercom.

Reach out to us through Intercom if you have any questions!