Advanced analytics and reporting help you understand your customer and employee feedback -- NPS, CSAT, employee surveys, online reviews, support ticket feedback, and more -- all in one place. You can import feedback from any source, analyze your data, and use our easy, elegant reports to create custom dashboards.

Wootric offers two levels of advanced analytics

  • CXInsight uses machine learning to analyze qualitative comments at scale. It meets the demands of a mature high-volume, multi-source CX program.

  • CXVision offers the same analytics, custom reporting, and dashboards available in CXInsight without auto-categorization of qualitative feedback using machine learning. CXVision is ideal for users who want to analyze and report on multiple survey projects or customer journey points in one place but do not require text and sentiment analytics.

CXVision Features

  • Import feedback from any source for analysis. This includes online reviews, support tickets, surveys, and other data to create a holistic view of the Voice of the Customer in one platform.

  • Custom Executive Dashboards and reporting. Craft reports around any and all data from your user's feedback. Build dashboards for stakeholder teams.

  • Text Match tags - Use words and phrases to automatically tag your feedback.

  • Analyze feedback by data source, by customer segment, by journey point, and other important business drivers.

  • Watchlist reports including Users with increasing or decreasing NPS/CSAT/CES scores and custom watchlists for following trends within your tags, trends in properties, or scores.

  • Trending Words and Tags charts.

  • User views with analysis of most seen tags, most common words used in feedback, and which users fall within watchlists.

What is not included in CXVision?

  • Smart Tags - Machine learning tags that learn from your data and auto-categorize qualitative feedback by topic.

  • Tag Sentiment - Machine learning that assigns sentiment at the topic level.

  • Comment Sentiment - Overall sentiment of a comment, based upon machine learning analysis of your user's open-ended feedback.

  • Reports based on Tag Sentiment, Overall Sentiment, and Smart Tag data.

  • Sentiment Watchlists. This includes users whose sentiment is trending positive or negative, and Score and Sentiment Mismatch reports.

  • Custom Sentiment Watchlist - tracks how sentiment is trending within the properties you pass along.

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