It is now possible to fire an InMoment survey when a case is closed in Intercom Messenger chat. This is an integration enabled between Intercom's Task Bot and installing the InMoment Surveys (formerly Wootric) app from the Intercom App Store.

Steps to get started:

  1. Ensure that you have installed the InMoment (formerly Wootric) app from the Intercom App Store, and customized your survey wording.

  2. Next steps are inside Intercom. From Intercom's help center (view the full article):

    A teammate can send a Messenger application to close out their conversations, instead of the standard Intercom Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) app. The teammate can choose to insert their app in the "Ask for conversation rating" section by:

    1. Navigating to the Operator >Task Bots > For User / For Lead

    2. Turning on the "Ask for conversation rating" Task Bot

    3. Selecting "Add an app"

    4. Choosing InMoment Surveys (formerly Wootric) from the list of installed apps or exploring the Intercom App store to install and add the app first.

    5. Selecting the specific InMoment survey to fire at case closure.

IMPORTANT: as of December 2021, Intercom does not yet offer support for case closure surveys in multiple languages from third party apps. Their team does have this as a roadmap item, but at the moment it is only possible to deploy an InMoment survey at case closure in one language.

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