It is possible to "statically" embed a static Wootric survey on a page on a website or in an app. Responses to the survey will appear in your Wootric dashboard. However, a survey like this is not "dynamic" and cannot be set to trigger through sampling settings from your Wootric account's settings page. Developers can still control to show and hide the survey through custom code in their app. That is because it is not controlled by Wootric JavaScript as is the case with dynamic in-app surveys for web and mobile apps.

Wootric can provide you a self-contained HTML code snippet for your survey (with no external dependency on JavaScript and CSS) for you to customize. You have full control over the design and placement of this HTML component. As long as all required API parameters are configured properly you can customize the survey any way you want. You can add star ratings, emojis, thumbs up and thumbs down, and so on. You can also use this code to create a multiple question survey.

Here are a couple of examples:

  • Five star rating with a follow-up question
  • Emoji survey

Please reach out to your Wootric support contact to get the snipped configured with your Wootric Account.

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