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Wootric surveys with enhanced accessibility
Wootric surveys with enhanced accessibility

How to update your surveys to benefit from additional ADA compliance

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Typography and colors in the Wootric platform and surveys now provide additional ADA compliance to meet regional and global requirements. This is one way that InMoment is investing in ease and accessibility for you and for your survey respondents.

Design improvements to surveys in the following channels are automatic as of April 16, 2021, and no action is required: In-app web, Email via API, Triggered Email, Intercom Messenger, and Survey Links.

SMS surveys are not affected by the design update.

Updating mobile surveys and email surveys via template

If you set up Wootric surveys in one of these channels prior to April 16, 2021, you'll need to update to benefit from the new designs. New surveys provide subtle improvements to legibility. Updating is encouraged, but optional at this time. There is no change to the functionality of your current Wootric surveys.

How to update your surveys

  • Email Templates
    You will need to download a new template and upload it to your email platform. Please visit Settings > Download Email Template. Be sure to replicate any additional customization you may have implemented, such as adding properties.

  • iOS SDK - Coming April 19th

  • Android SDK - Coming April 19th

Survey designs effective 4.15.2021

In-app Survey

Email Survey

Mobile Survey

Prior Versions of Surveys for Customers who set up surveys before April 16, 2021

Your survey respondents will continue to see these surveys until you update your email templates or mobile SDK.

Email Survey

Mobile Survey

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