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How do I set up Wootric Intercom Surveys to show again to users who have not answered the survey?
How do I set up Wootric Intercom Surveys to show again to users who have not answered the survey?

Learn how to sample users who haven't answered a survey

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Wootric and Intercom have strong partnership. Our native Wootric app for Intercom Messenger and our email templates designed for Intercom bring the survey power of Wootric into Intercom's native automation flows. Unlike standard Wootric surveys, this means that our Wootric Intercom surveys are controlled by Intercom's platform targeting and Outbound message rules. Customers using these surveys will need to configure any rules for the survey inside of Intercom Outbound messages.

Intercom Outbound is designed to work as campaigns, showing a message only once to a given user that has been targeted. This is also true for Wootric surveys that are embedded in an Intercom message.

If you'd like to re-send the survey to users who have not responded to one of your survey campaigns, you will need to set up a new campaign in Intercom to target those users. Here's what to do:

1) Verify that you have our Intercom Integration Installed. Go to Wootric Settings -> Send Wootric Data and see that the Intercom Integration is enabled. This is important because the Wootric integration sends fields to Intercom that you can use for survey targeting, like the user's Last Wootric NPS Score, or Last Wootric NPS Response At.

2) Create a new Intercom campaign mirroring your first campaign, but with an additional rule to check for the existence of a value on the Last Wootric NPS/CES/CSAT score field. In this case, you'd want to look for where a Last Wootric NPS/CES/CSAT score is unknown. This would ensure that only users without a survey response recorded in Intercom would be sent the survey again.

For example:

You might change up this this rule to suit your needs regarding time frame, registration date or a combination of all the other factors that might influence eligibility for a survey of your users. For example, if you've run several survey campaigns in the past, you might choose to simply use the Last Wootric NPS/CES/CSAT Response_at to rule out sending a survey to anyone that has taken the survey after a certain date.

Note: If you are looking for recurring in-app surveys without the need to manage individual campaigns and rules for resurveying, you may want to consider Wootric's native in-app surveys rather than our Intercom surveys. These can also be highly targeted based on attributes or events that you track in your product or app.

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