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What is a Wootric Sampling Group and how does it work?

Where multiple survey accounts work together with one installation to check survey eligibility

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What is a Sampling Group? 

It's a collection of accounts that can be referenced by any one account token belonging to the group.

What's the use case?

  • A CSAT survey after a user has tried a new feature.

  • On your web or mobile app, you may want to show a CES survey after a user onboarding.

  • Ongoing NPS survey to measure overall customer happiness/loyalty every 90 days.

Instead of configuring three different code snippets in your app, Sampling Group allows you to only use one. A survey will be shown based on events in your app or segments a user belongs to.

The Wootric platform will check user eligibility one by one in your Sampling Groups. Once a user meets survey criteria the eligibility check stops for the remaining survey accounts and a survey is shown. If a user does not meet any of the criteria then no survey is shown.

How do I get started?

Contact Wootric support to create a sampling group. This advance feature is only available for paid customers.

You can either use our direct integration by copy/pasting code snippet in your app or use our advance code free Integration. 

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