Wootric Global URL Blocklist

Learn how to choose URLs where you don't want the survey to show.

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What is a URL blocklist?

A URL blocklist is a list of web URLs where you want to prevent a survey from showing. Usually this is used when you have a specific page design that is incompatible with the placement of the survey, or a flow/experience that you don’t want to interrupt with a survey.

How does it work?

Wootric customers who are using our advanced sampling for their in-app web surveys (“Targeted Sampling”) can access this configuration inside their settings.

This is a global setting, meaning that these blocklists take precedence over any targeting rules you have set in your targeted sampling setup.

No code changes are required to start using the Global URL Blocklist feature.

You have the option to configure blocklists based off different rule types (shown with examples in the image below). You can add as many URLs/rules to this list as you’d like.

  • Contains X: Blocks the survey from showing on any URLs that contain X

  • Equals to X: Blocks the survey on the exact URL X

  • Ends with X: Blocks the survey on any URLs ending in X

  • Starts with X: Blocks the survey on any URLs starting with X

Prerequisites for this feature are:

  • Your account must have Targeted Sampling enabled.

  • You are using Wootric in-app web surveys

  • You should be using version 1.3.0 or higher of the Wootric JS SDK. Segment installations are also supported.

Not sure what version of our SDK you are using? Check this by running WootricSurvey.version() in your browser’s console whenever the Wootric SDK is embedded.

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