In-app Surveys

Getting started with surveys in your web application or site

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Mobile App Surveys

Installing native surveys inside iOS/Android apps

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Email Surveys

Reach customers in their inbox

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Intercom Messenger Surveys

Embed and send surveys inside Intercom's Messenger

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Configuring the Surveys

Customizing your survey wording, targeting, and user sampling

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Learn all the ways you can send data in and out of Wootric

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Learn how Wootric and Salesforce work together

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Dashboard and Reporting

Inside scoop on the insights and information available in your dashboard

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Feedback Tagging

How to classify, or add themes to your qualitative feedback or responses to extract insights

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4 authors10 articles and Wootric

Installing surveys via Segment destinations and bringing survey responses back into Segment Sources

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CXInsight Advanced Analytics

Leverage machine learning to understand and report on qualitative feedback at scale

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Whats New in Wootric?

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Administration & Billing

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Privacy, Terms and Data Centers

GDPR compliance, DPAs, and other Privacy related information

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