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In-app Surveys

Getting started with surveys in your web application or site

Mobile App Surveys

Installing native surveys inside iOS/Android apps

Email Surveys

Reach customers in their inbox

Intercom Messenger Surveys

Embed and send surveys inside Intercom's Messenger

Configuring the Surveys

Customizing your survey wording, targeting, and user sampling


Learn all the ways you can send data in and out of Wootric


Learn how Wootric and Salesforce work together

Dashboard and Reporting

Inside scoop on the insights and information available in your dashboard

Feedback Tagging

How to classify, or add themes to your qualitative feedback or responses to extract insights and Wootric

Installing surveys via Segment destinations and bringing survey responses back into Segment Sources

CXInsight Advanced Analytics

Leverage machine learning to understand and report on qualitative feedback at scale

Whats New in Wootric?
Administration & Billing
Privacy, Terms and Data Centers

GDPR compliance, DPAs, and other Privacy related information