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Email Survey Throttle

Set a guard rail to avoid over-sending email surveys to customers

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The Email Throttle checks whether a customer has been sent an email survey via API or webhooks in a given amount of time prior to the check.

To set up an Email Throttle, contact Wootric support.

Note: Email throttle does not apply to email survey campaigns sent through your email platform (MailChimp, Intercom, etc.)

Example use case:

  • You are testing two new product features in your application and are using incoming webhooks from Mixpanel to trigger a Customer Effort Score survey when customers use the new features. You do not want to send the CES survey to customers who have been sent a CES survey within the past 7 days, so you contact Wootric Support to establish both a Survey Throttle and an Email Throttle.

  • The only customers to receive the CES survey will be those who have not been sent a CES survey in the past week, either in-app or via email.

  • A customer who uses both new features, or one new feature multiple times in quick succession will only be sent one survey, instead of multiple surveys.

Wootric surveys follow the first of the Survey Throttles found in your account settings: Settings > Customize In-app Sampling.

Wootric automatically checks whether customers have responded or declined to your survey.

A customer is eligible to receive an in-app survey if they have not responded to or declined the same type of survey (NPS, CSAT, CES) in a given amount of time prior to the check.

However, because email surveys do not have a decline feature, and can be left unopened in an inbox, we have a second level throttle called Email Throttle.

Again to setup Email Throttle, contact Wootric support.

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