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Survey Throttle: Control how often a user can answer an email template survey
Survey Throttle: Control how often a user can answer an email template survey

Update this to send Wootric template email survey more than once every 90 days; respondents seeing "You have already answered this survey"

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Are you testing your email template surveys and unable to answer more than one survey?  

Are you sending email template surveys more often than every 90 days? 

Then you should update this setting.

The Survey Throttle is a setting that governs how often someone can respond to an email survey that is powered by a Wootric email template.

This prevents respondents from answering the same survey more than once in a given period of time.   

This setting is located in Wootric Settings -> Customize In-app Sampling 

(This setting controls in-app sampling AND email template survey response throttling. This does not apply to email API or webhooks surveys)

The default setting for the survey response throttle is 90 days.  

This means that once a user has answered a email template survey, they will not be able to answer another one for 90 days.   

If you are also using our in-app surveys, then this setting also controls when the survey will be shown to a user again.

To effectively disable this throttle, change the setting to 0 days.  

Important Note: This is a viable option for email survey template-only programs, but not advisable for those using in-app and email survey templates simultaneously.

Users who have responded to an email template survey will be regulated by the survey throttle that was in place at the time they responded to the survey.    

The throttle setting is controlled by a browser cookie and the setting will persist until the cookie expires or if the user clears their browser cookies.   

If the respondent uses a different browser from the one they used when answering the original survey, or if they use a different device, then the old throttle setting will not apply and they will be able to respond to the survey.

You know that you have come up against the throttle setting when a respondent sees this message:

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