How can I send multiple surveys in a day using triggers?

A quick walk-through in how to send multiple surveys per day using the same Wootric trigger.

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If your customers attempted to respond to multiple surveys on the same day they probably encountered the message: “You’ve already answered a survey”. We’ll show you how to get around it so your customers can reply to multiple surveys in the same day. This use case is usually applicable when you want to get your customer’s feedback on multiple support cases that were resolved in a short span of time.

First, you need to go to your Wootric Settings Admin Panel and then go to the Customize Sampling page. After that, you should set your first survey, response and declines values to 0. See the image below to verify:

This configuration will allow you to send multiple surveys in a single day and be able to answer them without issue

A word of warning: These throttles affect all surveys tied to this account. So if you have both in-app surveys and email surveys tied to the same account then this settings will affect in-app surveys behavior too

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