With the Wootric-Mixpanel integration, you can gather customer feedback from the right users, at the right time, and in the right channel by leveraging customer properties in Mixpanel. 

Use webhooks to trigger NPS, CSAT/PSAT, and Customer Effort Score surveys in your web or mobile product, or via email or SMS. Alternatively, use Mixpanel Messenger to send a survey link to a user. 

Prerequisite: Wootric Essential Plan


Trigger native Wootric in-app surveys to certain segments of users or after certain events such as feature use, based on Mixpanel properties. The survey will appear the next time a user logs in. 

Note: In this use case, the Wootric JavaScript SDK must be installed on your web and/or mobile application.
Here is a screen recording of an end-to-end setup for triggering in-app surveys in a web application.


Here's a video walk-through for setting up email or SMS survey triggers based on user properties in Mixpanel. Email surveys are a good way to reach e-commerce customers or users that login infrequently.

By default, email and SMS surveys will trigger immediately.  You can set up a delay in your Wootric account settings. 


Note: Mixpanel will sunset the Message feature on Jan 1, 2022.

Use a Wootric survey link in a Mixpanel Message to gather user feedback in-app or via email, SMS, or push notification. This is an easy way to deploy a survey, however, responses will be anonymous (not associated with an individual user).  

Here is an example of what a Mixpanel Message with a survey link would look like in a web application:

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