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Hubspot Integration

Wootric enables Hubspot users to run their Voice of Customer program in Hubspot.

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Requirements: you will need a HubSpot account and a Wootric account (any subscription plan) in order to connect the integration.

Note: HubSpot Marketing Basic/Pro/Enterprise account is required to integrate with Wootric. Contact Hubspot for a free trial. 

Integrating Wootric with Hubspot is a snap.  

  • Get data flowing with a couple of clicks. Sign in to Wootric and navigate to Settings > All Integrations > Send data to Hubspot. Click "SetUp"

  • On the next page, click "Connect to Hubspot"

Optional Advanced Settings

By default, Wootric will sends information about in-app survey declines, unknown respondents, and historical Wootric survey data to Hubspot. If you prefer not to send this data to Hubspot, uncheck the boxes in Advance Settings. 

Sending Wootric email surveys using Hubspot

Please refer to the Getting Started Guide in your Wootric account Settings. Select "Email" as your survey channel and follow the steps to  1) customize your email survey and 2) "send your email survey using a Wootric email survey template in your existing email system", in this case Hubspot.

Once you have uploaded your Wootric email survey template into Hubspot, you can use Hubspot to send survey campaigns to a list or trigger surveys using a workflow. 

How does Wootric's native integration complement HubSpot?

Hubspot users can run a robust Net Promoter Score or VoC program out of Hubspot. 

  • Wootric survey responses appear in Contact timeline.

  • Latest NPS, CSAT, and CES survey responses, both metric and qualitative comments, appear as Wootric properties.

  • Send survey campaigns using Hubspot native email. (Alternatively, deploy Wootric native web or mobile in-app surveys from Wootric) See results in Hubspot records. Analyze aggregate results in Wootric. 

  • Take action in Hubspot. Create workflows to activate brand promoters and close the loop with detractors. 

  • One-click integration means you get started in minutes, not months.

Wootric responses in Hubspot

Survey response data appears in Contact records.

You can also create lists and views of Contacts that have responded to a survey, or have provided a certain score.

For example, filter Contacts who have responded to a survey, and sort by Contact owner, to provide sales or success team members a pulse of customer health.

For more information, please see Hubspot Integration FAQ

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