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Troubleshooting your Wootric + Intercom integration
Troubleshooting your Wootric + Intercom integration

How to troubleshoot your Wootric Intercom Messenger App/Wootric Sync with Intercom

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The survey says "Account not connected to Wootric"

Follow the next steps:

  • If you have any auto messages using the Wootric Messenger App, go ahead and pause them.

  • Uninstall the Wootric app (You won’t delete any Wootric related data from your users).

  • Go to to your Wootric account settings panel (Make sure you are using the account you wish to connect to Intercom):

           - Go to Send Wootric Data -> Intercom and verify it’s uninstalled.
           - Go to Trigger Surveys -> Intercom Messenger and verify it’s uninstalled.

  • Once it’s uninstalled go back to the app store listing and install again.

  • If you disabled any auto messages, go ahead and enable them.

The survey is blank or the second page opens in another browser tab

If your site has CSP (Content Security Policy) restrictions, make sure to allow Wootric and Intercom domains so that the surveys work properly. This is configured in your web server settings.

Here's an example header with the necessary domains:

connect-src 'self'
script-src 'self';
img-src 'self' data:;
font-src 'self' data:;
object-src 'none';

User survey response data isn't showing up in Intercom

We have several fields that we create when a response (or in-app survey decline) is generated.

These fields are:

Last Wootric NPS Comment
Last Wootric NPS Response Date
Last Wootric NPS Score
Last Wootric NPS Decline Date

If these fields are not visible or being populated for users that have responded to a survey, two things may be happening:

1) User is connected to multiple companies in Intercom. If the user is associated with more than one company, our sync will not know which user+company to associate the response with. In these instances, the response data will not sync over to Intercom.

2) User field is not an email address in Intercom. Our response sync integration is designed to connect on the email address in Intercom. If we are not receiving an email address, these fields will not properly sync.

If you are experiencing either of these things as blockers to your response sync, please contact us to discuss possible workarounds.

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