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Intercom Messenger App FAQ & Troubleshooting

Sampling rules, multiple languages, segmenting by Intercom attributes, switching to another survey type, inserting survey error message

Written by Elisha Zhang
Updated over a week ago

Q: Can I use Wootric "set and forget" sampling rules with surveys in Intercom Messenger?

A: No, you will need to use native Wootric surveys. Intercom Messenger surveys are deployed via auto-message trigger or manually. 

Q: Can I automatically send a survey when a conversation is closed?

A: Yes. You are now able to trigger an InMoment survey when a conversation is closed in Intercom Messenger chat using an integration enabled between Intercom's Task Bot and the InMoment Surveys app. Here's instructions to get you started.

Q: Can I send surveys in multiple languages?

A: Yes. You can send any version of your default survey in Intercom Messenger.

Q: I want to filter and analyze my NPS (or CSAT, CES) by customer segment in Wootric. Can I pass Intercom attributes into Wootric when I deploy surveys via Intercom Messenger?

A: Yes, contact Wootric support for setup. Note that segmentation is a Pro Plan feature. 

We will need two things:

  • Intercom's name for the attribute you want to pass

  • the name you want to call that attribute in the Wootric dashboard.

You will find Intercom's name for your attribute by hovering over the attribute. 

For example, if you wanted to pass the value for Installed at,
you would send us installed_at  and could call it Installation_Date in the Wootric dashboard.

Q: How do I send Wootric data to Intercom from my project account that IS NOT connected to the Wootric Surveys Messenger App?

A: If you have synced one of your Wootric project accounts to send Wootric surveys in Intercom Messenger, you can still receive data from your other Wootric project accounts. Data from these accounts will update automatically in your Intercom records. 

To sync your other Wootric project accounts:

  1. Log into the Wootric account you would like to sync and go to that account’s settings.

  2. Click on “All Integrations” in the left side column.

  3. Click on "Send Wootric Data."

  4. Click the “Connect” button next to the Intercom integration and follow the instruction for the sync process.  

Q: If I connect a single survey project account to Messenger, will survey responses from my other project accounts still appear in Intercom records?

A: Yes, if you have previously synced your other Wootric accounts to Intercom, you will continue to see survey responses in your Intercom records.

Q: I am seeing an error message when I try to insert a Wootric Survey into an in-app message. What should I do?

A: If you see an error like the one below, please go to the app listing to uninstall, then reinstall the Wootric Surveys Messenger App.

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