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Email Survey Delay of up to 30 days
Email Survey Delay of up to 30 days

Are you using incoming webhooks to trigger an email survey and want to send it X days after the event?

Written by Elisha Zhang
Updated over a week ago

You now have the option to delay Wootric email surveys that are sent by incoming webhooks or email API. The delay can be set up to 30 days after the trigger event occurs and is set up at the account level. This means all of the surveys for the account you are configuring will be delayed.

Example use case:

Your customer finishes the onboarding process, which gets logged in your CRM. You’ve set up a webhook to let Wootric know that this event has been completed and instructions to send Wootric’s email API CES survey. 

In your CES account, you have set a delay for all webhook triggered email surveys going out to delay the send by 7 days, so that customers have a chance to practice what they learned in onboarding for a week.

Enable this setting to schedule emails in the future based on a trigger event by contacting Wootric support. 

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