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I'm testing my web app installation but the survey won't appear
I'm testing my web app installation but the survey won't appear
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As you are testing the Wootric survey in your web app, you may encounter the situation where the survey does not appear when you want it to.

Question: What can you do to make the survey appear so you can test it?

Answer: There a few ways to handle this:

Make sure that the following line has been included in your code on the page that you are trying to test the Wootric survey on:

wootric_survey_immediately = true

1) Clear your cookies!

During your testing, if you have seen AND responded to a survey already, then we have put a cookie in your browser identifying you as someone who should not be surveyed again for another 90 days. (This is the default throttle set for when someone should be eligible to be re-surveyed after the first time. This can be changed in your settings.) You can get around this by clearing your browser cookies and refreshing your page. You should see the survey again.

2) Test Wootric while your browser is in incognito mode

If you test while your browser is in incognito mode, you won't be cookied and Wootric won't mark you as having taken a survey. This will allow you to be surveyed again once you refresh your browser.

NOTE: when testing is complete comment out the line 'wootric_survey_immediately = true' as it overrides your dashboard sampling settings.

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