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I installed the survey in my web-app. How do I easily test it?
I installed the survey in my web-app. How do I easily test it?
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You can easily test Wootric in your web-app by doing the following:

(1) Install Wootric using our code snippet or Segment

We included the line "wootric_survey_immediately = true;" in the code snippet, to make testing easy. This will force the survey to load on every visit.  If you activated Wootric with Segment, then you should add that line of code to every page you added Wootric to and want to test on.  

(2) Go to any page in your web-app that Wootric has been installed on to.  The survey should appear after a few seconds.  

(3) Test

(4) If you respond to the survey, or decline the survey by selecting the 'x' in the top right corner then we will put a cookie in your browser and you will NOT see the survey again unless you...

(5) Clear your browser cookies!  Once you do so and refresh your browser, the survey will reappear.

(6) Repeat

Important Note: Our system was not meant to receive more than one response from a specific person within a 24 hour period.  So, if you respond to the survey more than once, using the same identifier, in the same 24 hour period, then your earlier response will be overwritten and you will only see your most recent response in the Wootric dashboard.  

(7) Once you are done testing:  

REMOVE THE TESTING LINE: "wootric_survey_immediately = true;" - it overrides all of your dashboard sampling settings. 

We also log messages in your browser console validating your settings. If your snippet is installed correctly you should see no error messages in your console. If any of your settings are incorrect you should see an error in your console.

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