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How do I setup multiple languages in my survey?
How do I setup multiple languages in my survey?

How to customize your survey for many languages.

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Wootric surveys allow you to customize your survey for as many languages as your customers need within Wootric Settings.

First, how do you configure your surveys to use different languages? 

Within your code snippet, you'll find a parameter for language where you can pass a language code. If your code snippet doesn't include language code, Wootric will use the default language you specify within your survey settings. 

If this is all a little complicated you may need to ask your Wootic admin for help, but for now you can start configuring all the languages within the survey settings now.

If a language you need isn't listed, contact us and it can be added.

The full Wootric Technical Documentation for language can be found here.

Create a New Survey

The new survey gives you an outline of how you'll construct your survey. Don't worry, all the options are editable after.

If you have a long list of translations for your surveys, we can help you upload them as a spreadsheet. Please contact us and let us know.

What is my default language?

Your default language is the survey language that will be used when you do not pass Wootric a custom language code. Also, there may be a situation where you send a survey outside of your triggers or custom targeting. This may happen for instance, if you are testing email surveys and just want to see what your survey might look like.

Customize Survey

How do you change your language options in a survey within Customize Survey? Check out the helpful screenshot below.

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