Using and configuring a survey link

Survey links when in-app or email surveys are not an option

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Using a URL link to a survey is a way to gather feedback when other channels are not a viable option. For example, you can drop a survey link in Salesforce Live Chat, in an email signature, or in an SMS message in countries where two-way SMS is not supported, or when you want to capture anonymous employee feedback in MS Teams or Slack.  

Wootric can also embed a survey link in a QR code.  Use cases for QR code surveys include printing on product hang-tags and event tickets, and displaying on-screen in an in-person or virtual presentation.

Link surveys are included in our Pro plan and our free employee pulse survey plan.

Anonymous surveys

Simply add your Wootric account token into the survey link URL. See the example below.  To find your account token, go to Settings> Your Account.

Identifying respondents and their properties when using survey links

Each survey respondent must have their own survey link. If you can amend the URL with a user identifier, you will be able to associate feedback with individual respondents.  The variable user_id could be any unique user identifier such as email address, phone number, or contact id from your CRM system. The link URL will look like this:

You can also pass properties. For example,[properties][plan]=enterprise

Survey links that display surveys in different languages

If your account is enabled for surveys in multiple languages, then you can pass the language parameter. Here is an example using Italian:[language]=it


If the link does not work after you have updated the example link with your Wootric account token, please reach out to Wootric support. More than likely the feature is not yet enabled for your account.

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