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How do I delete my Wootric survey account?
How do I delete my Wootric survey account?

Here are the steps to delete your Wootric survey account.

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NOTE: Only the Owner of your Wootric survey account can delete your Wootric account.  We also do not allow self-service deletion of your Wootric CXI account.

Also NOTE: Once you've deleted your account we cannot restore it.

Once you're logged in to Wootric, you can reach Wootric Settings by clicking the gear/wheel on the top right of the Wootric dashboard.

Within Settings, you can reach the Your Account page via the left sidebar under Account Settings. (You may have to scroll to see the Account Settings section).

Scroll down to the 'Danger Zone' and hit "delete account". Make sure you are in the project you want to delete by double checking that the account name and token are correct. Make sure to copy your account token above on the page, as you will need to confirm it in order to complete the deletion process.

Please contact if you have any issues.

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