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How can I delete my Wootric data for GDPR or CCPA?
How can I delete my Wootric data for GDPR or CCPA?

How data portability and deletion works with Wootric

Written by German Monfort
Updated over a week ago

It’s easy to meet your GDPR requirements or CCPA requirements for deleting personal data with Wootric. If you have a paid Wootric plan, you can delete all of your data from the UI or specific data associated with an individual user via our API. 

Here’s how to delete your data from the UI:

  • Delete your account from the Account section of the Settings in our dashboard.

Here's how to delete your end users' data via our API:

curl -X DELETE -H "Authorization: Bearer YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN" ""

That should return with a 202 Accepted  response code and the current representation for your user. This lets you know that In 24 hours your request will be queued up for deletion from our system.

Depending on the size of your request and other deletion activities in queue, full deletion could take several days.

If you’ve any more questions about data portability, feel free to reach out to us at or through the chat messenger below.

NOTE: If you are an individual who has interacted with Wootric through one of our customers, please contact the customer to delete your data associated with that customer. You may also contact Wootric directly (at to delete all your data across all customers.

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