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How to send email surveys using your preferred Email platform
How to send email surveys using your preferred Email platform

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It is easy to set up and deploy email survey campaigns from inside your preferred email platform.  You will control the timing of the survey send and who receives it. All survey responses will appear in your Wootric dashboard. 

To begin, configure and download an html email survey template in Wootric Settings.

1. Login or create a Wootric account

2. Go to Settings then Customize Survey

Customize the wording of your NPS, CSAT, or CES survey here. 

3. Customize Email Delivery (Customize Template)      

Upload your logo, send a test email to yourself here. Save.

4. Download Email Template

Select your platform from the dropdown menu and download the html template file onto your computer. 

5. Upload the survey template file to your email platform. 

Login to your email platform, navigate to "templates", and upload the html file.

Note: this process may differ depending on your platform. Contact support at your email platform if you have difficulty.  

  • Send yourself a test email

  • Optional: Add custom properties to your email template to pass key data about your customers to Wootric to segment your results in Wootric.

  • Set up an email campaign using the survey template and send it out.

6. Review survey responses in Wootric!

As customers respond to your email survey, their scores and qualitative feedback will appear in your Wootric dashboard.  

Common Troubleshooting: My email survey shows an error when I click through!

All our templates use dynamic variables pulled from your email system of choice to capture details on the user, like their email address or other properties. Oftentimes when testing an email template, these variables are not pulled into the email send, which results in the survey not loading properly after clicking on a score. You'll see a message like this:

If this happens, this means that the email field of our survey link is not being properly populated with user data from your email system. You should be able to see this visibly in the URL on this error page...if your link doesn't have an email address populated but instead is empty then this is your problem!

a working link starts with: ...

a non-working link is missing the email address: ...

The best way to test again is to set up a real campaign with just your test user and try sending again. This is a sure way to ensure the dynamic variables are populated into the survey links in the email. Alternatively, certain email systems have a special mode for sending test emails that prompt you if you'd like to include sample user data. If this is an option in your email system you could also try this approach!

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