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How do I create new versions of my survey?
How do I create new versions of my survey?

A guide to creating and customizing multiple NPS, CSAT or CES surveys.

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NOTE: This feature is for only some paid plans and may not be currently enabled in your account.

If your account has been enabled to use multiple surveys, you'll find a button for "Create New Survey" in your Wootric Settings under Customize Survey.  If you don't see this option and you're interested in creating multiple surveys, contact us.

Why might you want multiple surveys?

If you're using a CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) survey you probably utilize some sort of targeting for your survey delivery. Depending on the situation you'll want to phrase your question differently.

For instance, if a customer just bought something you may want to ask how satisfied they are with the purchase.

Or a user just finished talking to your customer service agent, and you want to ask how satisfied they were with that specific person's help (e.g. "How satisfied were you with Bob's customer support?" ).

In both cases you'd ask a CSAT question, but you'd ask them very differently.

Creating A New Survey

On the Customize Survey page, you'll see all the surveys you've created listed out or at least a button to start creating new surveys. Also if you have Targeted Sampling enabled, you'll also see the triggers you've assigned to each survey. 

On Customize Survey you'll also find a toggle to select default survey. 

Q: What does my default survey do?
A: Once you start using multiple surveys, you'll have the ability to specify whatever survey you'd like to show a user. You'll also still have the power to just send a standard survey to anyone without specifying which survey you'd like. In this case, we need you to tell us which survey will be your default. You may never run into this case, but just in case we support it.

Now that you've familiarized yourself with the main Customize Survey screen, let's create a new survey. If you're not already there, navigate to Customize Survey within your settings and select the button Create New Survey.

Follow the options within the dropdown shown below.

Your survey name, your default language, and your languages are all editable on the next screen. If you select many languages, Wootric will try to help you walk-though customizing all of them.

Q: What is a default language?
A: To trigger a survey and use a translated language, you need to have your code setup to send Wootric the correct language code. If you don't send us any language code, we will default to the language you select here. More questions? Read about setting up multiple languages here.

Now that you've created a new survey you can customize all 3 steps of your survey like normal.

If you've selected multiple languages, you'll need to customize your survey for each language. The language you're currently editing is selectable in the large dropdown at the top of the screen that names the language.

Where can I use multiple surveys?

Targeted Sampling

You can use Targeted Sampling to target a defined user group or trigger an in-app Wootric survey after a specific event occurs in your app. You can find the Targeted Sampling in your Wootric Settings, which is accessible only to Wootric account admins. If you don't see this section contact

Read more here: How do I setup Targeted Sampling for in-app surveys?

Download Email Templates

If you go to your settings and into Download Email Templates, you'll be able to select the survey you'd like to download. You'll also have the option to select which language you'd like to download, and of course the marketing platform's template you'd like to have the survey in.

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