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Sending Email Surveys from your domain
Sending Email Surveys from your domain

Using your company's name in the "from" address of email surveys

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Email surveys sent by Wootric can be sent from your organization's domain (e.g. from ""). This may result in better delivery and higher survey response rates. 

Here is how to implement: 

  1. Contact Wootric support to obtain DNS configuration parameters.

  2. Update your DNS records.

  3. Wootric validates that DNS records have been updated. Depending on your DNS provider this validation make take from a couple of hours to a couple of days.

  4. Configure Wootric to use your "from" email address. Go to Settings > Customize Email Delivery > Customize your email. 

  5. You may also create an optional Reply-to email as well. 

Note: Need to send email surveys from several different email addresses?  The "from email" field can be made dynamic using our API or from inside Salesforce.  For example, you may want to send email surveys to account contacts from their customer success manager.  For more details or questions, please contact us. 

This feature is available to Wootric customers in our Pro Plan or higher. 

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