Getting started with tagging is often the most difficult part.  You have to consider what kind of feedback your respondents leave you and what they may tell you.  You also may have some industry or business specific vocabulary or jargon that you might want to track. 

But to get you started, we made a list of tags that are commonly used by SaaS businesses.  They might also work for you even if you belong to a different industry.

(Note: the information below is presented for users of auto-tagging, but the same methodology and tags can be used when tagging feedback manually.)

As you start to receive feedback you should refine your tags to be more specific to your business needs.
Here's a list of common tags for SaaS companies to start with:

"Product" parent tag: match this with terms specific to your products

  • "Product A" child tag: this is one of your products or services

  • "Product B" child tag: this is another one of your products or services

"Bug": match this tag with "issue, issues, crash, crashes, bug, bugs, buggy, error, errors"

"Competition": match this tag with names of your competitors

"Documentation": match this tag with “docs, documentation, article, articles, ‘help article’”

"Feature-Request": match this tag with "wish, add, would like"

"Implementation": match this tag with "implement, implemented, implementation, setup, set-up"

"Integrations" parent tag: match this tag with "integration, integrate, integrates"

  • "Integration 1" child tag: match this tag with words specific to one integration, change the tag label to the specific integration, e.g. "Slack"

  • "Integration 2" child tag: match this tag with words specific to another integration, with corresponding label, e.g. "Salesforce"

"Performance": match this tag with "speed, slow, fast, uptime, downtime, 404"

"Price": match this tag with "cheap, expensive, promo, promotion, deal"

"Support": match this tag with "support, onboarding, on-boarding, issue, broken, assistance, service, tech support, help, helps, helping"

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