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Configuring SSO with your custom authentication provider
Configuring SSO with your custom authentication provider

How to configure Single Sign On to Wootric for your organization with your authentication provider (Okta, OneLogin, Azure, or custom SAML)

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Wootric provides IDP-initiated SSO--- IDP meaning Identity Provider. In this mode, your SSO process starts on your service provider's side. For example Azure, Okta, OneLogin, Office365, etc.

The Wootric website doesn't have an SSO button to login from for SSO.

Additionally to the list of authentication providers in the Authentication section of the Settings, Wootric also supports custom SAML providers.

Step 1 - Ready to enable SSO?

To start the process, you'll need to contact support. Let us know all the accounts you'd like to set up and your SSO provider from below:

  • Okta

  • OneLogin

  • Azure Active Directory

  • SAML - custom compatible authentication provider

After Support has enabled your accounts you'll be able to continue with the setup on Wootric.

NOTE: CXI accounts work with SSO, but the integration page to enable your SSO provider can only be found on your Survey Dashboard accounts.

Step 2 - Setup the Wootric App in your Authentication Provider

All of the fields in your SSO integration (as seen below) should be provided by the authentication provider.

Different providers may use different names for the same values. For example, in Azure, they ask for Entity ID. That would be what we label Identity Provider Issuer.

Are you using SAML? You'll need to configure these values there.

NameID: Email address.

Step 3 - Inviting Users

There are two options here. The first is enabling the option in Wootric for your SSO to "automatically grant access to new users". Within Wootric you can set the user permission level these new users will get.

​The second option for inviting users is if the above option is not enabled. For all new users, you'll need to give them access on your SSO provider. Then you'd also need to come into Wootric and give users access to Wootric accounts there.


When we enable SSO, does it restrict email/password logins? Or do they still have the option?

Yes, when SSO is enabled in the account your users will only be able to access the platform through your SSO provider, not with email/password logins.

If your users try to login, they will receive an error message to use their SSO provider.

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