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How to enable ARIA settings in your web survey for visually impaired users
How to enable ARIA settings in your web survey for visually impaired users

What is ARIA and how to enable is within your web surveys?

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Enabling ARIA settings with a clean accessibility experience for the visually impaired.

1. First, follow the instructions in this article to set up your web survey.

To understand this article, the prerequisite for enabling ARIA is to have a web survey set up and running. Once you have successfully set up your web survey, you can add ARIA features by following the instructions below. Come back and start at step two when you're set up!

2. Navigate to your Settings code snippet.

Include the following code, to enable ARIA features:

aria: true

For example:

window.wootricSettings = {
account_token: 'NPS-XXXXXXX',
email: '',
external_id: 'abc123',
created_at: 1234567890,
aria: true

3. Test your ARIA settings!

Run your web survey and enable voice-over in your browser.

Mac: press command + f5 to enable the VoiceOver tool. This is a common tool used, but you can use the tool of your choice.

Windows 10: press the Windows logo key + Ctrl + Enter on your keyboard.

Mobile Web: If you're using an iPhone you can find instructions here or Android here.

When you are ready, trigger the survey. The survey will have a voice-over stating the following:

  • "A feedback form has popped up". The tabbable element will be within the Dialog box of the web survey.

  • It will also read an aria label, "Feedback form".

  • To tab through the survey, you can press the tab button. The next text read aloud will be your survey question.

  • To continue through the survey, you need to press the tab button.

  • You can select a score. You will be taken through the survey, fill out the survey, and submit entirely through keyboard access with clean vocalization of the text and buttons on each screen.

Soon we will publish a Video Demo of VoiceOver on Mac with a CSAT Survey. In this survey, Custom messages are included with Custom promoter's call to action buttons.

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