Installing Wootric is just few steps away!

Remember, you can install Wootric into your web app, your mobile app, OR both!

To install Wootric into your web app:

You can install Wootric directly by using our code snippet or you can enable Wootric through our partnership with!

To install directly:

1) Sign in to

2) Access the install page through the 'help' link in the status bar at the top of your dashboard, or through the settings icon in the top right.

The install page will show the Wootric code snippet. As this does require a bit of coding, you have the option to forward the install instructions along to your developer.

3) Copy the code snippet and paste it before your <\head> tag into all of your site’s pages.

IMPORTANT! : Customize the TODO fields, as seen below, in the code for your application!

To install in your mobile app:

Wootric is available for both iOS and Android. SDKs are open source and available here for installation and testing:



You can also see some short videos of how the Wootric survey will appear in your app for iOS and Android.

You can also activate Wootric in your mobile app through our partners Segment and mParticle.

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