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How to install Wootric using mParticle
How to install Wootric using mParticle
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This guide will help you understand how to activate event data from mParticle to Wootric.

Refer to the iOS and Android SDK GitHub repositories for configuring the Wootric kit with the mParticle SDK into your app.

1. Login to mParticle -

2. Configure the Wootric Event Integration.

3. Select the Integration icon from the left navigation.

5. Select your app from the app dropdown.

6. Select the Wootric tile to display the integration details.

7. Click “Activate a Platform”.

8. Enter the Wootric specific parameters for each supported platform for your app - Account Token, Client ID and Client Secret.

9. Toggle the Status slider to “On”.

10. Click “Save” to enable event data to be forwarded from your app to Wootric.

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