Once you’ve logged into your dashboard, navigate to the Auto Tags tab along the top menu. 

To edit an existing tag, click “EDIT” to the right of the tag under the “MANAGE” tab. 

At anytime, you can add more words to match on, add a parent tag, or, if you scroll over the arrow to the right of the “cancel” button, you can disable auto-tagging, merge the tag into another, or delete the tag completely.  

Learn more about parent tags here.

Tags with the plain tag icon are manual tags. Adding words or phrases in the text match box of a manual tag will convert it into an auto-tag. 

Note: If you remove a word from the list of matches, then future feedback will not be matched with the removed word.  Feedback that previously matched the removed word will not be un-tagged as result of the removal of the word from the list of matches. 

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