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How do I manage and edit my auto-tags?
How do I manage and edit my auto-tags?

Manage your Wootric Microsurvey text-match tags.

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Once you’ve logged into your dashboard, navigate to the Auto Tags tab along the top menu. Click into the “MANAGE” tab and click “EDIT” on one of your tags.

Managing Tags

Matches and Text-Match Tags

Add words for auto-tagging to match on e.g. "Credit, Credit Card, Billing". Make sure each word or phrase is separated by a comma ( , ).

NOTE: Manual tags, as you see below, will become text-match tags after adding matching words.

Parent Tags

Nested tags are labels associated by hierarchy. The "sub-tag" or "child tag" is a tag that is more specific and can be categorized under a "parent tag’" In this example, you will see that we have 3 "child-tags", “Intercom”, “Salesforce”, and “Slack” nested under the parent tag of “Integrations”.

When any of the "child-tags" are text-matched to a comment, Wootric will also tag that comment with the corresponding ‘parent tag’. Comments tagged with only the ‘parent tag’ do not include any of the words associated with any of the "child-tags".

The scores tagged with a child tag will be included in the calculation of the aggregate score associated with the parent tag. This applies to all survey types: NPS, CSAT and CES.

In the example above, the scores tagged with "Intercom," "Salesforce" and "Slack" will be included in the aggregate calculation of the "Integrations" tag.

Advanced Options

Click on the arrow below for more options. Note all these options cannot be reverted after you save your changes.

  • Disable auto-tagging (once you disable auto-tagging, it can't be re-enabled)

  • Merge the tag into another (combine the current tag you're editing, into another existing tag)

  • Delete the tag completely (once you delete a tag, it cannot be recovered)


If I update the matching words on my text-match tag, will this update all my feedback?

No, adding new matching words will find new feedback that matches and tag it. But by updating/changing/removing a matching word, it will not remove the tag from feedback you've already tagged. Feedback that previously matched the removed word will not be un-tagged as result of the removal of the word from the list of matches.

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