How to trigger surveys from Salesforce

A short video explaining end to end setup of connecting Salesforce to send a survey via Wootric

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This help article outlines two use cases:

1) Using salesforce workflows to trigger a Wootric survey (most common!)

2) Showing/triggering a Wootric in-app survey inside a Salesforce hosted page

1) Using Salesforce Workflows to Trigger a Survey

In this screen recording, we show you how to connect Salesforce to Wootric through Salesforce's outbound messages/webhooks to trigger surveys through Wootric based on events in Salesforce. This particular example uses the scenario of sending a CSAT survey when a support case is closed in Salesforce.

Language Customization

It's also possible to send a language parameter so your survey language changes on demand. If you decide to use this feature make sure the language you send follows the ISO 639-1 format. The feature also requires manual activation from the Wootric Team so please make sure to send us a note with a screenshot of the fields you are sending from Salesforce and highlight the specific field you are using for the language parameter. 

We are working making this language mapping feature available in our self service UI.

Passing/Mapping Properties

Fields from Salesforce can be mapped to use both in the Survey Wording, or to include as metadata associated with the user's response. This mapping is outlined in our Workflow trigger instruction PDF provided by your CSM, as well as in the video above.

Please note that we do not support Salesforce Reference or Formula fields.

In-app surveys and Salesforce end-user attributes

It's possible to bring your Salesforce end-user attributes to Wootric when using in-app survey triggers. To do that, you need to follow the same steps described in the video above but instead of copying the email trigger URL into your outbound message endpoint URL you should copy the in-app trigger URL. After you do that, please send us a message so we can enable this feature for you.

2) Showing an in-app survey inside a Salesforce page

If Salesforce is actually where you need your survey to show, our in-app surveys are configured to be implemented inside Salesforce for use in any Salesforce hosted element. An example would be showing a survey inside your Salesforce Customer Portal or Community Site. Or if you have a Salesforce app, gathering feedback on that app inside Salesforce. Note: this will require a developer that understands Salesforce to implement our javascript SDK inside your Salesforce instance.

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