How to set up Wootric TV

Display real-time feedback and CX metrics like NPS on a monitor in your workplace.

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Note: Wootric TV is an Enterprise Plan feature. 

Keep customer experience top of mind for everyone when you display the Wootric TV dashboard in your office. 

1. Log into your Wootric account.  Wootric TV can be found in the main navigation. 

2. Configuring your TV Dashboard

You will see the five reports on the TV page. Click the calendar icon and select a timeframe for the NPS, NPS Breakdown and Popular Tags reports. Refresh the page.

Note: The NPS Trends report displays a 30-day rolling average for the past six months. 

3. Drag and drop to reposition the five reports on the dashboard, if desired.

4. Adjust your browser to full-screen view. 

5. Connect a dedicated computer to a display monitor in your office.

Data will auto-refresh approximately every 30 seconds.

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