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How we support data privacy concerns in different regions

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Wootric offers datacenters in the US, the EU, and Australia to support regional customers for our NPS, CES and CSAT based accounts. Currently, customers signing up for trial accounts are all directed to test in a US hosted account.

US account sign in is always available at:

EU and ANZ hosting is currently in beta with specific enterprise accounts. However, should your business require regional hosting, please let us know so that we can discuss options to get you properly configured. There is no way to self sign up currently for an EU or ANZ hosted account.

Have an account already in the EU? Access it here:

Have an account already in ANZ? Access it here:


Will Wootric integrations connect to the right regions?

Yes this is possible where regional support is available with our integration partners. It is up to you to ensure the instances you are connecting to with our integration partners are also regionally supported.

For example:

Intercom: You will need to install the correct region specific version of our Intercom Native App to ensure region specific support is successful.

Segment: Sending data back to Segment via our sources integration is regionally defined to ensure proper data compliance. For example, using Wootric EU will only connect to Segment's EU instance.

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