An auto-tag is a label you may create that applies to individual responses for the purpose of filtering, sharing and performing trend analysis on. Auto-tags follow text-matching rules to scan customer feedback and automatically tag comments that include the words or phrases you have chosen. 

Auto-tagging will save you time, allowing you to discover trends that surface from tagging your qualitative feedback.  

BUT: Have too many responses to manually tag? Want to ensure consistent tagging across your team? Wootric offers intelligent tagging with CXInsights, our text-and-sentiment analytics engine for customer and employee feedback.

Want to tag like the pros? Check out our blog for tagging best practices.

Trying to create your first auto-tag? Click here for a step-by-step guide.

Need to manage/edit auto-tags that you've already created? Click here.

Auto-tagging is a paid premium feature, specifically an add on to a Pro Plan.

If you're interested in adding auto-tagging, contact us!  We'll get you set up. 

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