With Feedback Tagging you are able to track, group, filter, share and analyze your customer feedback based on categories/themes or tags. 

You can manually tag a response with a theme (as described in this article). 

BUT: Have too many responses to manually tag? Want to ensure consistent tagging across your team? Wootric offers intelligent and rules-based tagging with CXInsights, our text-and-sentiment analytics engine for customer and employee feedback

Want to tag like the pros? Check out our blog for tagging best practices.

We have a Tags Tab that gives you an overview of how your tagged feedback is doing.

You set your tags in the Feedback Tab. You can create tags, tag feedback and delete tags on this tab.

We've put together some how-to articles on the mechanics Feedback Tagging to make it even easier for you to get started.

What is a tag?

How do I create a tag and add it to a response?

How do I search for responses associated with a certain tag?

How do I remove a tag from a response?

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