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How do I post my Wootric responses to Slack?
How do I post my Wootric responses to Slack?
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Let others in your company see your responses via Slack. Choose the channel and type of feedback you want to share out.

For example, you can post only promoter responses or only responses with feedback.

Integration setup is a snap!

1. Login to Wootric and go to Settings > All Integrations > Send new feedback to Slack

2. Connect to Slack.

3. You'll be taken to Slack. Allow Wootric and Slack to connect.

4. Once connected start sending new feedback to Slack!

What can I do now?

  1. Once you have properties you can pass them along also.

  2. Send yourself a test response to make sure it's working

  3. Choose what types of feedback go to your channels

5. Done! Now share feedback around the team!


Can I send Slack responses to a private channel?

Yes, you can. There is a separate article for that! Sending Wootric responses to Slack Private Channels.

Can I use Zapier to post responses to Slack?

Will I see responses in Slack immediately?

Slack responses are delayed from Wootric sometimes up to 10-15 minutes. Users taking the survey may change their score or comment, and we give them time to finish before sending it to Slack.
โ€‹How does InMoment (formerly Wootric) handles my data?
By default, we will retain all data for the lifetime of your account. InMoment does not delete data unless requested by customer. For more information, please visit

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