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Sending Wootric responses to Slack Private Channels
Sending Wootric responses to Slack Private Channels
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Wootric's Slack integration allows you to send survey responses into your Slack channels to share with your team.

Sometimes though survey responses contain sensitive information you don't want to shared with the team. In that case, you can send Wootric to a private Slack channel.

For that, this walkthrough will show you how to set it up.

1. Find "Send new feedback to Slack" under All Integrations in Settings

2. Connect Wootric to Slack (or disconnect and reconnect to gain new private channel permissions)

NOTE: If you already have Slack connected you'll need to disconnect and reconnect for Slack private channels. You need to agree to new permissions in order to make it work. This will allow Wootric to list private channels to send your survey responses to.

3. If you haven't already, create your private Slack channel

4. Within your private Slack channel, find the option to "Add apps"

5. Add Wootric to your private channel

6. Go back to the Slack Integration within Wootric. Now you'll see the private channel you added above.

7. Send yourself a test Slack response

If you see this test response then success! Grab yourself a snack and pat yourself on the back. You're done.

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