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Activity Status

Monitor the status your web, email, mobile, or sms surveys and which data integrations are connected and working

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Wootric admins can review the operating status of their Wootric surveys and integrations by going into Settings and clicking on Activity Status.  On this page you can see the status of any Wootric surveys that you have set up across different channels, any errors related to SDK configuration, and the status of your Salesforce, Slack, Intercom and other integrations. 

If you are troubleshooting an operational issue, Activity Status is a great place to start. You can answer questions like:
Is Wootric receiving responses from my email surveys?
Is my Salesforce org actively triggering Wootric surveys?

See which survey channels are live, and the last response:

You can also learn which integrations are connected, and the most recent data send:

If you're having trouble interpreting any of these status monitors contact

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