What is a Sampling Group? 

It's a collection of accounts that can be referenced by any one account token belonging to the group.

What's the use case?

On your web or mobile app you may want to show a CES survey after a user onboarding, a CSAT survey after a user has used a new feature for a while, and an ongoing NPS survey to measure overall customer happiness/loyalty every 90 days. See more details of this use case at https://www.wootric.com/blog/cx-surveys-in-salesforce-for-saas-customer-journey-overview-trifecta-view/ 

Instead of configuring three different code snippets in your app, Sampling Group allows you to put all these three different surveys in a group.  With one code snippet installation and based on events on your app or segments a user belongs to the right survey will be shown. Wootric platform will check for the eligibility of a user to see a survey by checking for eligibility one by one. Once a user meets a survey criteria the eligibility check stops for the remaining survey accounts and a survey is shown. If a user does not meet any of the criteria then no survey is shown.

How do I get started?

Contact Wootric support to create a sampling group. This advance feature is only available for paid customers.

You can either use our direct integration by copy/pasting code snippet in your app or use our advance code free Segment.com Integration. 

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