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How to display verbatim feedback in your CXI dashboard
How to display verbatim feedback in your CXI dashboard

Most recent 25 feedback comments is a display option of NPS, CSAT & CES Score reports in CXInsight

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Example Overall Score Report (NPS) and a Recent Feedback Report in a CXInsight dashboard. 

Adding a Recent Feedback with Comments report makes a dashboard more valuable to read-only viewers. 

Account administrators can click through CXI dashboard reports to view associated comments on the Feedback page, but read-only dashboard viewers don't have that permission. Feedback with Comments reports enable you to show these viewers the most recent 25 verbatim comments associated with scores. This is a great option if you are creating read-only links to dashboards. 

Here is how we recommend setting up your Dashboard to feature sample verbatim feedback. 

We recommend setting up two reports side by side. One will be your Overall Score report (NPS, CSAT, CES) with chart view closed. In chart view, this report displays the 25 most recent feedback associated with the scores, including feedback without comments.

Sometimes score-only feedback isn't as useful as seeing the most recent feedback with comments. So, create a separate Recent Feedback with Comments report.  To do this, create a copy of the first report and add one filter to it: "Only report on feedback with comments". Add that report right next to the first one, and choose to only show the chart, with the feedback selected.

Here is how to do it, step-by-step: 

Step 1: Create an Overall Score Report.

On the Reports page, select Create a report. 

  1. Name your report.

  2. Select a Score to report on.
    Note: The option to display feedback is only available in Score reports. You must select NPS, CSAT, or CES. 

  3. Under "Compare by" select "None." 

  4. Select date range.

  5. Select any applicable filters. Note: Using filters will alter your score. 

  6. Preview, then Save the report.  

Step 2: Create a Recent Feedback with Comments Report

  1. Return to the Reports page. Select your Overall Score report.

  2. Using "Save as" at the bottom of the page, make a copy of the report and rename it. (e.g. Recent NPS Feedback with Comments)

  3. Under Filters, select Comments and check "only report on feedback with comments"

 4. Preview and Save this report.

Step 3:  Add the two reports to a Dashboard. 

  1. Return to the Dashboard page, select a dashboard.

  2. Add the Overall Score report to the dashboard from the "Add Existing Report" drop down. 

  3. Using the gear icon in the report, select "Hide Chart."

4. Now add the Recent Feedback with Comments report to your selected dashboard.
5. Using the gear icon in the report, select "Show Chart Only" mode and click the feedback mode icon.
6. Drag and drop, if needed, to position the two reports side by side on your dashboard. You should see something like the example below, where you can view an overall score and example comments right next to it.

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