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How do I export my raw Wootric data?

Step by step tutorial on how to export Wootric data to a .csv file

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Here's how you can export your raw NPS, CSAT or CES data from your Wootric dashboard to a .csv file.

  1. Select the date range, filters, or other criteria for the responses you want to export. The export range will contain only the data that is visible/scoped, whether on the Snapshot or the Feedback tabs.

2. Go to the top right corner of your dashboard and click the icon below (hovering over it will reveal "Export" if you're not sure!)

3. Select if you would like to export your declines or your responses.

If you have any filters or tags selected, you will see that noted in the description before you download:

4. Once you select, the system will process your request and download your .csv file. It will also email you the file. 

The .csv file will include many columns of data including Wootric score, comment, source IP address, email address of respondent, external ID (if applicable), response date, survey type: NPS, CSAT, CES, tags and segments. It will also include any notes that you have added to feedback.

Who has access to export:

Users with permissions of read-respond or higher. Read-only users do not have export access. If you are a read-only user and need that access, contact one of your dashboard admins to upgrade your permissions.

Note: Export is only available on paid accounts. If your user permissions are adequate but you not seeing the export feature, please contact us to discuss an upgrade.

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