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Troubleshooting Login Issues
Troubleshooting Login Issues

Can't log in to Wootric? Here are troubleshooting measures for when you are unable to login to your dashboard.

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Are you unable to login to your dashboard? We are sorry about that! Here are the most common login issues that our customers have reported, and how to resolve them.

For reference, our login URL is

Reason #1 Ad-blocker conflict

If you see something like this when visiting the URL page, it might be caused by an ad-blocker software you have installed on your browser, router, or computer.

Ad-block programs work on a domain-based fashion so when they see a request to anything Wootric related (* they will block it and you could see a screen like the one above.

To work around this you have to allow requests to our servers from the settings of your ad-blocker. Try adding a wildcard subdomain so the process is simplified (*

Reason #2 No visible login button on our website

So you visited to login to your dashboard and don't see a login button at the top right corner of our website?

Try accessing directly.

If neither of these solves your problem, please contact the Wootric team via our support address: Thank you for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience.

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