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Can Wootric be impacted by ad-blockers?
Can Wootric be impacted by ad-blockers?

A walk-through the effects ad-blocking software has on Wootric

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Yes, Wootric in-app web surveys can be impacted by ad-blockers in two ways:

  • Your users won't see any surveys. Users have the right to block advertisements or pop-ups. It's an option that has been present since the early days of the internet and we respect it. You can ask your users to allow connections to Wootric through their ad-block extension or you also have the option to self-host our SDK so the subdomain that you connect to isn't a Wootric related one. That might mitigate the issues but ad-blocking is a cat-mouse game so expect to update your installation in the future.

  • You might not be able to login to your Wootric dashboard. This is due to the fact that ad-blockers work in a domain-based fashion so when they see a request to anything Wootric related (* they will block it and you could see a screen like this one:

To work around this you have to allow requests to our servers from the settings of your ad-block. Try adding a wildcard subdomain so the process is simplified (*

Please note that these restrictions only apple to in-app web surveys. Email, SMS, in-app Mobile, and Intercom aren't impacted by ad-blocking software.

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