(1) Creating Your CSV file

The first column heading in your spreadsheet MUST be "email" and it is required. Additional columns will be treated as properties of the user, and are optional.

Column heading rules:

  • First column heading must be "email."

  • Any column ending with `_date` will be treated as a Date.

  • Any column ending with `_amount` will be treated as a Number.

(2) Make sure your column headings match your existing property names exactly.

The easiest way to check your current property names is to view your Segments and Filters. Make sure the column headings in your spreadsheet are consistent and are exactly the same as displayed in your account dashboard.

You may also want to spot check names of property values to make sure they are consistent as well.

(3) Save the file on your computer and as a .csv

If you've done it correctly and open the file, it will look something like this:

user2@wootric.com,"another value","value27","2018-10-03 16:50",100
user2@wootric.com,"another value","value27","2018-10-03 16:50",100

(4) Upload the CSV

Go to Settings > Upload & Send Emails.

Note: Wootric will only check your file to validate emails. If you've entered a property incorrectly, dashboard errors may appear. Therefore, it's important to double-check any CSV before you upload it.

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