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Property Filters for Slack Integration
Property Filters for Slack Integration
Written by Travis Alston
Updated over a week ago

Wootric's Slack integration allows you to configure what data will be set through the use of Property Filters.

Before you create the filters for Slack you need to make sure that you have properly set up filters for your Dashboard, and properly integrated your survey into Slack

To set up Property filters do the following:

1. Navigate to "Send new feedback to Slack" under All Integrations.

2. Select the add Property Filter button on an existing Slack Routing rule or on a new rule.

3. Select or type a property name, parameters, and value for your Property Filter.

The Property name field operates based on the name field in the API and not the display name. Check the field name in "Manage Segments" before setting your Property name. This will ensure you have the correct name for the filter.

4. Click Save.

You can repeat this process as many times as you would like. Simply click the add new Property Filter button, and a new filter will populate with AND logic automatically applied.

The filters will then dictate what feedback is sent to your Slack channel based on the new parameters that you have set up.

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